The Wine Distillery BASDABANOY deals with the production of wines and spirits since 1958.
A family enterprise from then till today, has demonstrated significant growth in production of high quality products. Based in a region with a tradition of viticulture (Larissa Tyrnavos) having State of the art facilities, and equipped with the latest technology the winery vasdavanos produces premium branded goods today in the field of winemaking.
It features a modern unit with an aging cellar and the its products quality is ensured by the quality certificate of ISO 9002.
It also has a distillery producing ouzo, Cherry liquor and the local and famous Raki.
In winemaking – distillery Vasdavanou, tradition goes hand in hand with development.


White, Semisweet White,  Pink, Red Dry & Semisweet Red Wine
0,75 LT

A balanced wine, with full flavour, fine fragrance and clear color that comes in 4 types.
The White comes from a local vineyards variety which is called "Roditis".
Preferably drunk cool at 8-9 oC.
Red, Pink dry and Semi-sweet red, are all derived from the Black Muscat variety of Tirnavos which is, a variety well- known for its aroma.
Drunk at a temperature of 14-16 oC for those who prefer the red wines and 12-14 oC for those who prefer the Pink ones.



Red, Dry, Semi-sweet Red, Rosé, Dry, White Dry
In plastic packaging of 1.5LT PET



A wine of excellent and stable quality in practical packaging, preserving its content in vacuum. This packaging has the ability to preserve the flavor of wine until the last glass. A pack facilitates transport, storage, whereas it can be put in the refrigerator and serve. The packaging is recyclable and environmentally friendly.
Available in packs of 3L, 5L, 10L & 20L.


  • White dry (Roditis & Moscato)
  • Roze dry (Moscato)
  • Red dry (Moscato)
  • Retsina
  • Semi-sweet white (Roditis & Moscato)
  • Semi-sweet red (Moscato)
  • Varietal wine Chardonney
  • Valietal wine Black muscato of Tirnavos
  • Varietal wine Merlot


Retsina - Dry White Wine - Dry Rosé wine - Semisweet Red Wine
0,5 LT

Classic, traditional Greek Retsina with fresh aroma having a rich but intense and delicate flavor, it leaves a sense of fragrance of resin.

Excellent wine in a 500ml glass bottle. Available in white dry, rosé dry and red semi-sweet. 11.5 vol.