According to one version of the myth, the God of wine Dionysus, was born in the region of Central Greece and specifically in Thebes, which means that the focus of the country's wine production has its roots in Thebes. The region was famous for its white wines and the well-known varieties of Savatiano and Rhoditis.

The Holey Rock is a small rock in the area of Paliampelo mountain it is a canal, which was dug in stone, at least 200 years ago and was used by the monks-growers in the region to press grapes and transfer the grape from the vine, with natural flow, in the cellar.

This vineyard was abandoned for reasons that are not entirely known while late it was completely uprooted, giving way to other crops.

It is obvious that the older growers were not randomly select this specific area. They had identified that in this place, the grapes ripen better and give better wines.
They had already indicated by then, the particular environmental conditions, especial "terroir" as we would say today.
At This particular region, this special terroir, was chosen to settle the vineyard of Thibaikis Land.

Theban Earth

White dry
13,5% vol.
Cabernet Sauvignon 40%-60% Malagouzia
Fermentation-Matured in stainless steel tank

Aromas of fruit and flowers are unfold on your nose with dominant flavour of peach. The balanced and full bodied taste, with its discreet acidity completes the puzzle of the senses and leave your mouth with the best impressions.
Drunk: in 8-10 oC
Ageing: 2 years
Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean, Chinese, international
Dishes: pork, poultry, fish, seafood, white varieties of cheese.


Holey Lithari

Dry red wine
13,5% vol.
50% Merlot - 50% Cabernet Franc
Fermentation in stainless steel tanks, Maturing 12 months in French oak barrels.

Two cosmopolitan varieties, a wine with a deep purple color, velvety tannins and rich bouquet of cherry, raspberry jam, vanilla and other spices.
Drunk: in 16-18 oC
Ageing: 3-4 years
Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean, Italian, international
Dishes: red meat with spicy sauces, meat, varieties of cheese with strong flavor.



PGI Central Greece


Dry white wine

13,5% vol.

From the charismatic variety, Assyrtiko, and a distinct vineyard block, an oak - aged wine, with deep color, aromatic notes of vanilia, peaches and pears, rich mouth - feel and generous finish.

Enjoy at 8-10ºC with "intense white dishes".



Red dry
13% vol.
From mature vines grown on clay-rocky soil, a distinct wine which spends 20 months in oak barrels. 
Deep red in color, with red fruits, smoke and black olive notes and a velvety mouth with an integrated finish. 


Dry red wine
13,5% vol.
Syrah 60%, Cabernet Sauvignon 40%
Fermentation in stainless steel tanks, Maturing 16-18 months in French oak barrels.

Wine with full-bodied, deep purple color, tannin balance, on a background of spices and dried fruit
Ageing: 5-6 years
Cuisine: Rich Greek and international

Dishes: red meat, hunting, parmesan and other aged spicy yellow varieties of cheese.

Available in wooden box of 6 bottles.



Dry white wine
12,5% vol.

Malvasia 60%, Sauvignon blanc 40% .

Maturing 4-6 months in French oak barrels. From our best vineyards, a special wine with attractive color, delicate aroma, rich freshness and great taste.

Cuisine: fatty fish, seafood risotto, white meats with spicy sauces, smoked cheeses

Available in wooden box of 6 bottles.

3 cool cats

"3 cool cats", white, red and dessert
A proposal was exceptional for eating at the bar! Their aim is to entertain the consumer with a quality wine, without the agony of his selection. It is certain that some of the colors and their flavors can match your character and mood of the moment.



«Orion» white and Red
Two delicious, refreshing wines for every day and... every night! White Orion is created from the varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Trebbiano. It, has fruity aromas and smooth taste. The Red Cabernet Sauvignon varieties perfectly matches with the gracious Merlot. It is characterised by the aromas of red fruit which are perfectly balanced.
Both wines are served cool.